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  1. Import Customs Data From Shopify With Orders

  2. Pull Shopify Fulfillments for Shopify Subscription renewals  ·  Under Review

  3. Impliment Two Factor/Multi Factor Authentication  ·  Under Review

  4. Import Product Customs Data from BluePark  ·  Planned

  5. Bug: Overwrite existing product data when reapplying shipping

  6. Convert Common Non-ASCII Characters When Importing Orders  ·  Under Review

  7. Bug: Editing Customer or Product Details Not Reflected In Saved Products & Address Book Entries

  8. Option to switch off the Commonwealth Games logo  ·  Completed

  9. Filter IOSS numbers within trading name into customs data on manually created orders  ·  Completed

  10. Show Address Book Entries in Search Results  ·  Under Review

  11. Mandate PO Box / Tax Identifier Number When Mandated by Destination

  12. When entering data on a customs form (iPad) the calculated fields are unreadable. Please change font to black.

  13. DropBox Retirement. C&D Desktop Falls Short (A step Backwards)  ·  Completed

  14. Product parcel size/class to make auto selection  ·  Declined

  15. resolve the issue of the status fields defaulting back to factory settings instead of chosen fields  ·  Declined

  16. Multiple Company names on SMS / EMAIL customer notifications  ·  Declined

  17. Increase threshold dates and order statuses for importing orders from woocommerce  ·  Declined

  18. Don't Add IOSS Numbers for Northern Ireland > EU Shipments  ·  Started

  19. Issue with EU customs - Bug?  ·  Completed

  20. Extend Desktop Login Token Expiry

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